HCI presents: Tuning into Smarter Judgement: The Memory-Based Traps

In Partnership with the Harvard Club of Boston, the Harvard Club of Ireland is delighted to announce the third part of our series of talks on "Tuning into Smarter Judgement", presented by Nuala Walsh, President of the Harvard Club of Ireland, CEO of MindEquity, and author of "TUNE IN: How to Make Decisions in a Noisy World".

Drawing on decades of science-based psychology and neuroscience, this series delves into the psychological mechanisms underlying our perceptions, judgments and choices, shedding light on the hidden forces that shape our decisions.

  • How do you filter the best voice rather than the first or fastest voice?

  • How do you limit decision damage to get more right than wrong?

  • What does it mean to be a tuned-out leader?

  • And how can you use human insight to build power, advantage and impact?

This week, we will consider "The Memory-based Traps", and how these influence decision-making.

Nuala Walsh on Tuning Into Smarter Judgment: The Memory-based Traps


The Memory-based Traps

Wednesday, 28 August
1700 - 1800 BST / 1200 - 1300 ET


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